Explore our amazing brain and its connection with the gut.  Did you know up to 70% of our primary neurotransmitters like Serotonin start their life in our small intestine?  Can you imagine how the brain also harbors helpful bacteria to keep things humming? Learn about herbs, foods and supplements that nourish neurotransmitters and balance brain chemistry.

Journey through the brain in our spinal cords and the wisdom of the body-mind. Did you know your feet provide important information to your spine about how to move and your relationship to the environment?  Did you realize that even minor impacts to the head and spine can effect thinking? Learn about herbs, foods and habits that support the brain-body connection and recovery of neural tissue.

Learn about food, medicinal herbs and other natural healing for supporting and balancing your thyroid. We discuss the importance of the adrenal-thyroid-pituitary axis and how all three glands work together.

Karin shares how we can change our personal vibrations simply by integrating plant vibrations into our lifestyle. From Metaphysical Talk Podcast hosted by Julie Parker.

This talk suggests that by truly occupying our body, we are able to access the natural intelligence that is our birthright. Throughout our evolution, the chemistry of plants have provided our cells with an interface for connecting with all of nature. By befriending the body, we have access to that intelligence, which may help us to adapt to future change. Read the full transcript.

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