The purpose of the services I offer is to inspire people to connect deeply with their own body and healing process – to care for your body is to care for your own piece of earth and create a culture of reverence.

Classes, Workshops and Talks
Please see class schedule for current offerings. A workshop or class can consist of a motivated group of friends who want to learn more about various aspects of herbal healing, nutrition, salve-making, first-aid remedy kit making etc. Call to design your own and have Karin come and teach!
Karin is an inspirational speaker and enjoys doing so on many aspects of holistic health. Please go to the Media page for a list of talks she gives.

Herbal and Nutritional Consultation (1-2 hours)
As part of your consultation, a complete intake on your past and present health will helps us see the broader picture of what is happening. Diagnostic tools such as iridology, skin, pulse and tongue analysis are used to understand your symptoms and constitution. A plan of action addressing your health issues may include dietary and lifestyle changes, herbal protocol, appropriate supplements and cleansing techniques. This plan is emailed to you in a document for easy reference. Follow-up sessions are designed to help guide you on your way. Appointments are held in person, by phone, FaceTime or Zoom.

Flower Remedy Consultations (up to 1 hour)
Using kinesiology, an appropriate flower combination is made for your current energetic and emotional needs. Appointments can be in person or by phone.

Bodywork (70 or 90 minute sessions)
A blend of bodywork that includes Swedish and Esalen massage techniques, along with acupressure, foot and hand reflexology, aromatherapy, Trager work, lymphatic drainage massage and energy balancing – depending upon the needs of your body.

Energy Healing/Plant Spirit Sessions (45-60 minutes)
A time to relax, rebalance and integrate your energy field. Sessions include a blend of Reiki, Acutonics, chakra balancing, shamanic journey, dreamwork and other techniques as appropriate to your situation. Acutonics is a non-invasive healing technique that uses tuning forks calibrated to the sounds of planetary bodies, placed on specific acupuncture points. Our cells transmit these vibrations to open up blocked energies and return to a sense of deep relaxation.

Hatha Yoga
Private lessons, especially for injury recovery or the physically challenged, by appointment only.

Ministry Services
As a minister of the Unity of All Life Church, Karin is delighted to perform thoughtful marriage and life-transition rituals. Assistance with House or Land Clearings can be arranged as needed.

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