Fukushima FALLout . . . The unimpeded outflow of radioactive material from 5 nuclear power plants has not abated, so if you have stopped thinking about it – it’s time to think again as contaminated debris and marine life is pervading the Pacific west coast.
Step-up your cellular protection in the following ways:
  • Avoid foods/drinks/products from Japan and Eastern China.  Stop eating tuna, pacific cod and taper off fish consumption in general (especially true for children).
  • Drink carbon-filtered water or a combination of reverse osmosis-carbon filtered water (note that many bottled waters are NOT filtered and clean).
  • Wash vegetables in water with a pinch of borax powder.  Consider growing veggies in covered greenhouses using filtered water that you can recycle. Most fallout arrives as rain/fog/dew.
  • Reduce or cut out dairy products, especially cows as bioaccumulation from rainwater continues to raise cesium levels.
  • Eat naturally occurring antioxidant-rich plants: fresh berries of all kinds, raw fresh vegetables, sprouted/naturally fermented foods and super-greens like grasses (oat, alfalfa, barley, wheat), spirulina, chlorella etc.
  • Use adaptogenic herb that contain Nrf- stimulating phyto-chemicals on a daily basis (see What’s Hot below).
  • Do seasonal bowel cleansing with substances that are known to draw out radioactive elements: clay, charcoal, and apple pectin.
  • Eat sweeping fibers like flax, apples, chia, okra and some seaweed daily.
  • Send out positive healing energy to the ocean and the earth and your body everyday.  Bless your food/drinks with your intention to heal yourself before you consume it.  Connect with nature in gratitude and listen for natural intelligence to guide you

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For more health tips on what you can do, go to my website: www.rainbowconnection.net and click to Holistic Health to read the article; Flourishing Through Fallout
This is truly the time to learn and practice the art of transmutation and transformation back to balance.  Nature has a lot to teach us in this regard so don’t rule out what might look impossible.