A guide for better life

As a person who has had a terrible experience with trying to find relief from what were really minor health problems, who spend years with periodic pain, who spent thousands of dollars on western medicine, who got condescending and conflicting information from AMA doctors…..I wish that I had this book ten years ago. I would have saved me all of that. I have it now and it’s my health bible.

Michael J. Rantala

Thorough compilation of natural healing information

Not only does this book include lots of well organized information about herbal healing and alternative methods of healing but it is very interesting reading in itself. Karin Uphoff knows her anatomy and body systems so well that she can inform us about them in a lively way that helps make sense of illness, why it occurs and what is happening in the particular body system. The illustrations are clear and helpful. If you want one book on healing herbs this should be it.

Laurie York, Independent Filmmaker

Excellent reference

I found this to be an excellent reference book. I was previously diagnosed with high blood pressure, and I wanted to see if I could control it naturally. I looked in the index, found the appropriate sections, and followed the recommendations (and ran them by my nurse practitioner as well). Within a month my blood pressure was back to normal and has stayed there ever since. I’ve consulted this book for other health needs as well, and have found it thorough, informative, well presented, and well written. I highly recommend it.

K. Rork Mesagal

Best Yet!!!

In my 22 years as a professional healer this is the first book I have found that has it all under one cover. Previously I would have to use 3 or 4 books for research, now I can find everything I’m looking for in Karin’s book. I have recommended it to all my clients and given it as a gift to my friends and family. Thank you Karin for this gift of healing!

Iris Hawkins

An impressive and thoroughly ‘reader friendly’ 259-page compendium of herbal medicine

In “Botanical Body Care: Herbs And Natural Healing For Your Whole Body”, practicing herbalist, teacher, and nutritional consultant Karin C. Uphoff shows how anyone can increase their vitality, strengthen their immune system, relieve physical and psychological stress, prevent illness, and treat common ailments through the use of natural plants and thereby avoid the harmful side effects (and expense!) of conventional pharmaceuticals. “Botanical Body Care’ shows how readily available herbs can be easily made into tinctures, extracts, salves, and flavorful teas which have a long and honored history as a general, effective natural remedy for a great many commonly encountered medical conditions. An impressive and thoroughly ‘reader friendly’ 259-page compendium of herbal medicine, “Botanical Body Care” is an invaluable addition to personal and community library Health & Medicine reference collections, and especially recommended reading for health practitioners, students of the healing arts, nutritionists, dietitians, and non-specialist general readers seeking to take better care of themselves and their families.

Midwest Book Review

Wonderful book – highly recommended!

Crisp, intelligent, down to earth, practical – I find this to be a perfect balance between a lay person’s book and something more academic. As a result, it’s highly informative and yet easy to, er, digest, with lots of tips and tricks, thorough explanations of why things work the way they do, and fun recipes and other things to try. A rare integrated approach to health and healing. I would have this on my shelf for anyone wanting to stay healthy or dealing with a specific health issue – either wanting to try something outside of or in tandem with western medical practices. Lots of “old world” wisdom here. Highly recommended.


Botanical care with items you can actually find

A basic guide to using herbs for health purposes, this book contains many easy to make recipes for specific problems. The various body systems covered include intestinal, digestive, respiratory, urinary, reproductive, nervous, lymph, and the immune system. The author discusses each system, common problems and herbal recipes that can be used to treat various problems. A particularly interesting Appendix includes information on how to use herbs commonly found in most kitchens to benefit your health.

If you want a basic primer on using herbs that is not so complex as to make it impossible to comprehend and yet not so basic that it really is useless then this may be the book you are looking for. Author Karin Uphoff strikes a solid middle ground to make Botanical Body Care approachable to everyone from the complete novice to the intermediate level person interested in herbal recipes. Botanical Body Care is highly recommended to the home user interested in botanical remedies.

Harold McFarland

Easy to use

This easy-to-use handbook describes how our body works in simple terms, and then how to treat basic problems holistically, with diet, well established herbal formulas, and lifestyle changes. There is a great need for such a simple, yet actually profound approach. Too many modern books are based on ‘the latest discoveries,’ applying alternatives in a non-holistic fashion to health problems. Here we have time-tested methods which are grounded in a basic knowledge of how the organism works. Both the perspective and the therapy is holistic. I highly recommend this book to all both beginners and experts.

Matthew Wood, Registered Herbalist (AHG), MSc. (Herbal Medicine)

An insightful, articulate, literate and eminently usable book!

Karin seamlessly integrates her perspective on how the body works with herbal and lifestyle insights, making this one of the best expressions of the cleanse-based herbalism I have read.

Botanical Body Care is a perfect blend of the practical and inspirational – a welcome addition to the library of all concerned with holistic health care.

David Hoffmann, Herbalist and author of The Complete Illustrated Holistic Herbal

Impressed with the balance

I am especially impressed with the balance of this book: the diet and herbal suggestions, recipes, quotations, and especially the physiology, come together to create a holistic offering that fills a gap in the available herbal/health books.

Donna d’Terra, Herbalist, teacher and founder of the Herbalist Mentoring Network of Mendocino County

Reader friendly

Impressive and thoroughly reader friendly, Botanical Body Care is an invaluable addition to personal and community library Health & Medicine collections, and especially recommended reading for health practitioners, students of the healing arts, nutritionists, dietitians, and non-specialist general readers seeking to take better care of themselves and their families.

Diane C. Donovan, Editor Library Bookwatch

Useful throughout

I found this book useful throughout, filled with excellent formulas and therapies for each body system, and helpful suggestions for maintaining health and well-being. Written with clarity, intelligence, and a healthy dose of spirit, Botanical Body Care is an exceptional tool for herbalists, students, and healthcare professionals interested in a more profound understanding of how herbs work in the body

Rosemary Gladstar, Herbalist, and author of Herbal Healing for Women and The Gladstar Family Herbal