March 8, 2023 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Mendocino Center for Spiritual Living
303 Main St Fort Bragg
CA 954397 in the Company Store
$25 or $85 for all 4 classes
Mendocino Center for Spiritual Living

Cultivating Vitality – a Natural Healing Approach taught by Karin Uphoff

Herbs and habits for cultivating physical, mental and emotional well-being that can enhance the quality of your life. Four classes explore the role of the following actions important to vitality: Circulation, Elimination, Respiration and Sensation. We will delve into basic physiology and how even small choices in our habits can have large effects over time. Reverence for our inner ecosystem and its relationship to all of life will be emphasized. Each session will include specific teas and a practical ‘recipe for wellness’ that you can play with at home.

March 8: Circulation (heart, blood, lymph, disease states, the ecology of community)

March 22: Elimination (digestion, liver, kidneys, skin, understanding detoxification)

April 12: Respiration (lungs, sinus, ears, ecology of immunity)

May 3: Sensation (endocrine organs, nerves and attuning our sense of well-being)

Time: 6:30-8pm at the Mendocino Center for Spiritual Living in the Company Store Ft. Bragg CA. Classes also have a ZOOM option but you must pre-register to get the link by contacting Karin through this website or call: (707)-964-1458 or email mcsl@mcn.org and The Mendocino Center for Spiritual Living will assist you.